3on3 - Southern Extreme Sunday Match

JS sangkut Quarter aaa~ Alelellelele~
JS berterima kasih pada Shameen Angel kerana kasi pinjam super weapon Angel A1 Flys untuk JS. TQ!~ JS juga nak berterima kasih pada Nal (OLX) n gang2 Angel yang memberi tips2 untuk 3on3 kami dan juga pada Dez untuk gambar² yang CUN! <3 DEZ!

3on3 Match

1on1 Match


Buyo VS Bonyok(champ 1on1)
Pro giler brader ni, tatau la main D berapa haha, 1on1 open~

Jakall 1on1

Baby 1on1

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JS Entertainment - BIDIN!

LOL Cilakak tol lagu ni curi idea kite!! hahaha!

JS Training - Canceld ar~

Training di batalkan sebab nak gi JB 3on3 jon.
JS² yang tak terlibat aku kasi peluang la besarkan perut n main WoW sampai lebam kat umah orait.

Sorry JS²~


The event details are as follows:-
26 July 2009

8.00 am 3 on 3 Tournament
1.00 pm 1 on 1 Tournament
2.00 pm 3 on 3 Torunament (continue)
5.00 pm Arrival of YB Dato' Shahrir Bin Abdul Samad
5.15 pm 3 on 3 Final
5.30 pm YB Dato' will deliver his speech
5.45 pm Prize Giving Ceremony


The 3 on 3

1. Registration Fee : RM200 / team (local players will automatically be a member of JBPaintball and will gain all benefits which will be offered from time to time)
2. Tourney Pellets : RM180 / box
3. Teams may consists of 1 local Div 3 players and 1 E-marker in their roasters - capped 15bpc or uncapped semi auto mode only
4. Teams using their own marker are allowed to use their own loaders and barrels but subject to TNC by the organizer.
5. All teams will undergo 6 prelims games. Only 8 best teams qualify to a best of 3 games in the Quarter, 4 in Semi, 2 in 3rd n 4th and 2 in the Final.
6. Price will be RM1000 for the Champion, 2nd RM700, 3rd RM400. + Mystery Gift (No more a secret - thanks to our Manager...) + Certificate
7. Venue (CONFIRMED - pls look at the map posted by bro aji)


The 1 on 1

1. Registration Fee RM10/player
2. Pellets will be sold at RM180/box or RM70/bag
3. Semi auto mode only - capped/uncapped (your choice)
4. Expecting max 20 players.
5. Best of 3 games elimination only
6. The Prize will be all the Registration Fee + RM100 (JBPaintball) + Cert
7. Remember - The Champion takes all

Registration is now opened pls contact (0197211973), nizam (0137446445) or botak (0127944423).


JS ape lagi, game ON!!!

MY-NPL '09 Round 4 Melaka

The Event 4 of MY-NPL '09 on 01 - 02 August 2009

Venue : Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka

Closing Date : 25th July 2009 Registration Fees:
Division 1 -RM900
Division 2 -RM500
Division 3 -RM400
Division 4 -RM300


JS Training

Tmpt: Astaka, Mapaac
Waktu: 10am
Tarikh: 25 Julai 2009

Wajib datang:
mrBeng, Bobo, Sopie, Amad, Basit, Shari, Apip

Tentere2 gersang nak join(da confom):
Zikrie, Billy

Mana2 team nak join training, datang la beramai2 ye meriahkan suasana,

WTS Custom Proflex & Proto EL Switch

Custom Proflex(with Joy Division strap) + Goggle(with Yellow lense)

Conditions : 8.5/10
Price : RM400
*just facemask onli no bag*
*yellow goggle virgin, semua cun*

Prioto EL Switch

Conditions : 7/10
Price : RM120
*just facemask onli no bag*

Reason of selling : i bougt new mask ler & need money ;)

Dealing method : COD(Melaka area) @ Post

call@sms : 013 6219937 (Buyo)

email : buyo360@yahoo.com

Thanks you!