MPOC - JS 3rd place Div4

Together we stand!! JS CHOR!!! JS CHOR!! JS CHORRRRR!!!

Firstly i would like to thanks to all JS Trooper for giving commitment for this BIG event.
JS arrived at JB Dataran Bandaraya MPOC paintball field at 4.00pm and start to plan the strategies for Saturday match. Then we went for Capt Meeting at The Zon!

Sleeping Basix! Wakakka

Plan jon plan!


Capt meeting

On Saturday,JS was SHOCKED bcoz we are the only team that wears plain shirt and NO complete equipment such as Knee Guard,Elbow Pad,Body Armor,Jersey.. *CRY*
JS shirt brings us a strong spirit to win! Thanks to bizandry! wakkaka promote..

Damnation from Singapore

Shooting Rage from JB

PKRM Fraternity from Muar

JS morning faces.

Basix n Me getting the pallet.

Steady jon!

10 Teams Compete for DIV4:-
This is the result for the qualifying round

Damnation[Singapore] JS lost
Renegade[???] JS lost
Shooting Rage [Johor] JS lost
Red Dynasty [Singapore] JS won
PKRM Fraternity [Muar] JS won
Lanun Selatan [Johor] JS lost
Jo Rising [Johor] JS lost
Night Wolves [???] JS won
PSG Warfreak [Phillipines] JS won

JS qualified for 2nd round

Shooting Rage [Johor] JS won
Red Dynasty [Singapore] JS won
Renegade[???] JS won

JS topped of the group

We qualify to semi-final (BOOYAHH)

1st Game JS lost
2nd Game JS lost

Bad luck huh?.. -_-"

3rd n 4th place round

VS Red Dynasty
1st Game JS won
2nd Game JS lost
3rd Game JS won

Result Div4:-
1st Lanun Selatan
2nd PSG Warfreak
3rd JS

This is the first time JS hve won the BIG event(MPOC). Mcm tak percaya.. hahaha.

Its time for our MEDAL n $$$!

JS received the medals. TQ to organizer. Phewit

Sesi bergambar

Do u recognize the guy in green t? :)

JS + PSG Warfreak(Phps)

JS + Lanun Selatan
JS + Technical group
Buya pun nak jugak bergambar dengan mamat ni hahaha. layan kan aja.. mamat ni hero paintball beb, pro players huhu.

Thanks to everyone that giving JS advise n support. Hope we can meet again next year! JS happy during the 2days tournament. To JS, hope u guyz get ready for upcoming NPL 5th leg. GO JOGING!! hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

JS Training with Fraternity [Muar]

Before big event MPOC, js went for a training with Fraternity Muar paintball team. Thanks to Shahrul for inviting us to training together.

MY-NPL Grand Finale

MY-NPL HQ & Tactical Action are pleased to release the field layout for the EVENT 5 The Grand Finale, MY-NPL'08 season.


Please donwload Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the field layout with PDF extension


MY-NPL '08 (Event 5) The Grand Finale
Venue: MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 1st & 2nd November 2008

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit

or contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud (MY-NPL Tournament Director)
H/P: 016-332 3337
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711
E-mail: or

JS Trooper - MPOC 5th Leg Johor

Good luck JS trooper! Alelelelellelaaaaaa~
MPOC JS Players registered:-
1) Buyo
2) Amad
3) Sopie
4) Basith
5) Man